What is the My Digital Health platform?

My Digital Health platform


The My Digital Health platform is unique. It is a fully integrated platform that brings together multiple digital tools within the one platform. Watch the ‘My Digital Health’ video below if you are interested in understanding our values and thinking behind developing the platform.

My Digital Health has been designed for both individual consumers and healthcare practitioners, specifically:


  • Individual Consumers: People vary and some people feel more comfortable managing their own healthcare without any direct assistance, while others prefer assistance. For those who prefer to manage their own healthcare, My Digital Health has various digital ‘self-help’ programs. Through My Digital Health, we also offer a ‘Connect to Practitioner’ feature. Here, if a practitioner is added to an individual consumers self-help program, this allows the practitioner to view the program, communicate securely through the platform (i.e., secure email, instant messaging, shared collaborative digital workspace and video/audio-chat), and with the consent of the individual consumer, view their progress and account activity data. Our goal has been to provide individual consumers with as much flexibility and choice as possible. To read more about what the platform can offer individual consumers click here. You might also like to watch the ‘Individual Consumer Features’ video below.
  • Healthcare practitioners: For those healthcare practitioners who are interested in integrating digital health technologies within their practice, finding the digital tools needed has been difficult. My Digital Health however brings together many of the various tools needed into the one digital space. This includes the ability to ‘prescribe’ digital health programs to clients, automatic generation of digital client files, monitoring client progress in real time, the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the service provided, securely communicate with clients and other healthcare practitioners using a variety of digital communication channels, and even build ones own digital health program / resources. To learn more about what the My Digital Health platform can offer healthcare practitioners, please click here or watch the ‘Healthcare Practitioner Features’ video below.