5. Complete the Pre-Program Survey

5. Complete the pre-program survey


After you have selected your program and consented to the related Plain Language Information Statement, you will be presented a variety of general questions about you and your wellbeing and some validated questionnaire surveys. If, however this is your first time to My Digital Health, we will first ask you for your ‘preferred name’ (this is how My Digital Health will address you in emails and within the dashboard and program) and what ‘timezone’ you are in. Please scroll over the pictures below and click on the link within them to see a few examples of the types of things we ask you during the pre-program survey.


  • 1. Be asked general questions about you and your health and wellbeing
  • 2. Be presented with a number of validated questionnaires
+ Additional Information: Pre program questions & questionnaires


The questions we ask you are about things like your gender, what country you reside in, how often you have been to the doctor in the last 4 weeks, etc. The validated questionnaires measure things like your current level of psychological distress, your mental wellbeing, etc. When you start your my digital health program, you will have access to a page called ‘My Progress Graphs’. Here we provide you with the results (your total score) from the key questionnaires that you fill out at pre-program, during and post program. So each time you complete one, perhaps go to ‘My Progress Graphs’ and have a look at how you are tracking.


Your responses to these questions and questionnaires are extremely important to us, as well as your feedback at the post program stage around whether you got something out of the program, what you liked and did not, etc. We gather this information to ensure that our digital health programs are effective and to be better informed about how we can continue to improve them into the future. We do understand that these questionnaires can take some time to complete and we appreciate your efforts very much. Please note that if you want to have a break, you can come back and complete them 1 or 2 days later. The platform will save your responses as you do them, so you will not need to start at the beginning when you come back. However please complete them within 7 days of you selecting a particular program. If you come back after 7 days, you’ll be asked to select a program again.


Once you have completed the pre-program survey, you will be able to start the digital health study that you have signed up for.